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The best editors do so much more than just “fix” spelling and grammar; we are confidants, directors, creatives, strategists, sounding boards…the list goes on!

A great editor has to be able to read between the lines, not only of a person’s creation, but also of who they are and what the real intention behind their words is.

I’ve been so fortunate to have connected with many creative individuals through my experience as an editor.

Here’s what a few of them have to say about working with me.

“I realized in 2017 that I desperately needed an editor to proofread, edit and improve my sales pages — it was draining my energy and I needed to focus on what I do best: design and creative direction. If you need an editor who gets work done before it’s due, gives solid content suggestions to improve your copy conversion rates, and can spot every comma, period, or extra character that doesn’t belong, Renee is your girl. Get a spot on her calendar before she is booked!”

~ Melissa Burkheimer , Web Designer / Creative Director

“Renee does excellent work. She was exactly the kind of editor we needed in our business to help make our content the best it can be. Hire her!”

~ Dennis Buckley, Director of Content and Digital Marketing, Natural Stacks

Renée brings a kindness to her editorial guidance that allowed me as a writer to feel safe to be raw and honest in my work. Renee’s sharp editor’s eye finds the places in the work where the words aren’t as clear and accessible as they can be and offers easy solutions for the writer to tighten up the text to offer the reader a clear, concise experience. I really appreciate that Renee takes her responsibility to the reader of the work seriously. She has a dedicated commitment that the work she edits be accurate, ethical and of service. Thanks Renée for helping me make my book Walking the Soul Path: An Energetic Guide to Being Human a clear, relatable resource.” 

~ Ruth Lera, Author of Walking the Soul Path: An Energetic Guide to Being Human 


Renée Picard is an exceptional editor, colleague and human being. She puts a great deal of care and heart into everything she does, with a particular talent for staying true to the authentic voice of a piece of writing. She has a strong eye for detail and aesthetics, too, and adds a level of polish to every work. Most importantly, Renee is kind, conscientious and dedicated—an invaluable member of any team she is on.”

~ Toby Israel, Writer & Editor  


“Renee is a heartfelt editor. She has a keen understanding of how to nudge the best work out of writers with her gentle questions and suggestions.”

~ Lynn Shattuck, Writer


“Renee was supportive, kind, knowledgeable, and instrumental in my success at Elephant Journal. She encouraged me, helped me find my voice, and helped me refine my writing style tremendously. I am a better writer today because of her expertise and compassion.”

~ Renee Dubeau, Writer


“I have worked with Renée as a columnist at Elephant Journal and have always been impressed by her intelligent guidance and responsiveness to questions and concerns. She has the unique ability to balance constructive criticism with kindness, and she does so from a place of genuine caring about the quality of work represented by the Elephant community.”

~ Amanda Christmann, Writer


“I am very pleased to recommend Renee as an editor and writer. As one of my editors at elephant journal for the past year, Renee impressed me so much with her ability to distill, correct and polish my work that I asked her to take on a position of head editor to me. In my time working with Renee, she always communicated respectfully in regards to our work together and was succinct and efficient in her editing skills.”

~ Sarah Norrad, Writer


“I have worked with Renee for two years, first in her capacity as an editor at Elephant Journal, and second as a Social Media Consultant for my personal writing. As an editor, I could count on Renee to keep me on track and to keep my articles cogent and pointed. She wasn’t afraid to tell me to stop going in the direction I was going and to go in another direction and best, how to go in that direction. As a Social Media Consultant Renee has practically doubled my exposure. She is enthusiastic, creative, pro-active and an excellent problem solver. She displays a work ethic that freelance writers such as myself can usually only dream about. I am thrilled to have her as a partner and friend of my writing and would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone not only for her friendly demeanor but also for her knowledge, expertise, professionalism and energetic approach.”

~ Carmelene Melanie Siani, Writer


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