I am a freelance writer and editor who is passionate about developing and crafting meaningful copy for businesses, entrepreneurs and writers.

I lead life with a soft-but-fierce heart.

I maintain a personal commitment to accuracy, depth and integrity through every step of the publishing process.

I offer a unique combination of business common sense and creative compassion through each and every step of a project.


I excel at  

  • Converting complex topics into accessible, engaging information
  • Persuasive & academic writing
  • Line & developmental editing
  • Getting deep


Specific qualifications

  • Over three years of intensive experience developing, publishing and distributing high quality, accessible content to a global audience.
  • Several years of experience in executive level administrative support roles.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Geography and a Diploma in Business Administration.



Challenging the status quo.

Lifestyle design.

Owning our agency.

Choosing compassion.

Living outside the box.

Active listening.

Living in the question.

Authentic connecting.

Evolving dialogues.

Heart-based creating.

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